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Factorio Nuclear Reactor Thoughts

Factorio Nuclear Reactors are a new power source in Factorio 0.15.  For those that have played Factorio, late game setups have included either thousands of steam engines or tens of thousands of solar panels.  This ends up taking both significant … Continue reading

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Get Off My Desktop!

I have said several times here that it is important to own your own tech and to be mindful of that ownership.  I have also agreed here with others that the coming battle is over control of your devices: be … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3 Review

If you’re looking for the short, spoiler-free shopping recommendation, then Mass Effect 3 (and in fact, the whole Mass Effect series) is an experience that no serious gamer should be without.  In fact, if you’re serious about spoilers, refrain from … Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Some early thoughts

I just went looking for some snapshots from Elder Scrolls — Skyrim to post here.  I looked in my own collection and the I looked online.  There are many shots, but none of them (so far) convey the vastness of … Continue reading

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Deus Ex: I Am Not Adam Jensen, Either.

I didn’t play video games when Deus Ex (the original) was released.  I have, since then, acquired a copy of the game and played part of it.  To be honest, it’s a bit dated, but still cool.  Considering that it’s … Continue reading

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Review: Evil Genius

Do you ever cheer for the villain? Does the bad guy deserve to win sometimes?  Did you ever want to be the villain … spreading mischief and evil to the chagrin of the do-good heroes?  Elixir Studio’s Evil Genius does … Continue reading

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Achievements are the New MIPS

Achievements are both popular and controversial in modern gamer culture.  Their popularity with gamers drives game companies to put ever more complex achievements into their game products.  Large game dashboards like Steam and Xbox/Windows live focus on tabulating and comparing  … Continue reading

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United Gamers Alliance: Friendly Multiplayer Games

If you read the UGA homepage, you’ll quickly note that they’re something of the anti-clan.  There are an amazing number of new multiplayer co-op games coming out.  We’re all familiar with Left 4 Dead and Borderlands (both favorites of mine).  … Continue reading

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Review: Tropico 3

Steam can be a nasty habbit… or at least a damnable temptation.  They have these sales, you see.  Good sales.  Good games for as little as $2.50 or $5.  This leads me to have a large heap of games in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Eve Online (… and WoW and FarmVille … and…)

…after Pavlov’s famous experiment where a dog could be expected to salivate after certain conditioning, a man called Skinner extended this work with some rather interesting results… specifically that the reward system could be even more effective if it was somewhat unpredictable and still periodic… Continue reading

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