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Ice Storm Christmas Chez Nous

We were lucky.  We were without power for roughly 6 hours (and asleep for most of it).  Many people here in Ontario (and the North Eastern portion of North America) had a Christmas without power and were without power for … Continue reading

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Captcha, Gotcha?

Blank + five = eleven.  Six, right?  Are any of you real people getting flummoxed by this?  Apparently the SPAMers are.  This site has gone from 5 to 10 SPAM comments per day to less than 2 SPAM comments per … Continue reading

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Happy New Year: The Year of Windows FAIL?

It’s difficult to avoid a little schadenfreude, especially when you feel the victim is worthy.  I’ve already said some of what I feel about Windows 8.  So it is with a little glee that I read on Slashot that Windows … Continue reading

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LED Corncob FAIL.

I have finally exhausted my supply of incandescent light bulbs and thus decided to buy an LED corncob light.  I live in Canada and for the majority of the year, the heat from a light bulb is not wasted.  In … Continue reading

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Compliments Lost in Translation

I posted a bit about the spam on this site before.  It’s not like I have that many readers, but as far as I can tell, it’s worth a lot of Google Kudos ™ to get your site linked by … Continue reading

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IFlop? Bad iPad3 reviews a significant first

I haven’t said much about all things Apple on my blog thus far… and maybe I should have.  The “curated” application experience has many hidden consumer pitfalls including loss of privacy, but loss of control over our own computer devices … Continue reading

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Banks, Being Banks, are Wasteful

There’s not much love for banks these days, but they honestly bring it on themselves.  What with the risky lending, the government bailouts and the cushy bonuses paid to fat cat bosses, it would seem that yet another post criticizing … Continue reading

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A Toronto Parking Ticket Wrong

I was out and about this week.  My journey found me somewhat “downtown” Toronto.  This particular incident found me near Yonge and Sheppard (in fact on a little street that runs north from Sheppard parallel to Yonge).  This is all … Continue reading

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My Exploding Waterheater Experience

Unless you’re a Mythbuster, I don’t think you commonly wake up in the morning thinking that you will see an exploding waterheater, especially your own.  In deference to reality, I supposed it was more properly an “exploded” waterheater, but the … Continue reading

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New Image: Fail

By-the-way: There’s a new image at the top of the site.  Not that I was spent a lot of time looking for it, or that I’m making some decision about how the site will look or how images at the … Continue reading

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