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Bean Bag Chair (for your cell phone)

Continuing on with cool products, we turn our attention to Think Geek today.  We’re going to look (rather quickly) at the Bean Bag Chair … which is not for you (the human) but for your cell phone.
Really, I’m a bit … Continue reading

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MMS: Multimedia Messaging Stumble

There’s many cartels left in the world that artifically inflate prices. Today we’re going to talk about SMS. It doesn’t take higher mathematics to realize that SMS as data transfer is hundreds of time more expensive (at 5 … Continue reading

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Nokia N900: A shell prompt on my phone…

I received the Nokia N900 that I bought on eBay last week today.  I’ve been playing with it… finding applications I want to use, configuring things… learning how to use it.  It’s a very different world.  I destroyed my Palm … Continue reading

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