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No Service: You Have Not Waited Long Enough!

It’s easy to rant about banks: they’re easy targets in this day an age.  An old friend of mine told me that banks are organizations that would give you an umbrella on a sunny day and take it away the … Continue reading

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The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

This is just a quick note to update the Jeep and Taurus “no start” situation.

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We started the day focusing on the Taurus situation.  For those that remember, we got the new computer for the Taurus as … Continue reading

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Taurus Repair: A (sad) Tale of Two Grounds.

I’ve been chasing two no-start conditions for some time.  The subject of this article is my 2002 Ford Taurus… and it is very much frustrating me.  Electrical gremlins are some of the worst car problems.  Take this ground problem to … Continue reading

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Repairing the Taurus: Spark Plugs

Replacing the spark plugs used to be a chore that occurred every few oil changes at best.  It used to be one of the easiest repairs for the do-it-yourself handyman.  Spark plugs are, by nature, on the outside of the … Continue reading

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Repairing the Taurus, A Multipart Series: Overview

I’ve just finished a long car repair adventure spanning 4 days. There were times that I feared that we would fail (even though failure was not a viable option) and the whole problem spanned several months from start to … Continue reading

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