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Life is not Fair

Humans have a strong sense of fairness. To be fair is to be in balance with one’s fellow humans. Like any metric involving humans, however, fairness suffers from having too much just as much as having too little.

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Canadians: Go Vote.

This is a simple, short post.

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If you’re a Canadian: Go Vote!
Simply put, thousands have died this year for the right to vote.  It’s true that major parties practice the politics of division and destruction.  I’ve posted … Continue reading

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Contempt Begins at Home, a Contemplation…

I’ve been wanting to follow up my last post regarding the election for some time.  I’ve been doing some heavy thinking.  A Conservative Majority would seriously injure this country.  Their contempt for parliament, the parliamentary process and the country in … Continue reading

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Crosby vs. Henderson: it’s not about the Hockey

The radio is reminiscing about the last Olympics and Canada’s national pride (hockey) this morning. In particular they’re discussing “where were you” in regards to Crosby’s goal… As if it has that scale of importance to Canadians in general … Continue reading

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UBB in Canada: What next?

I think a segment of the Canadian population would be happy if the whole UBB issue went quietly away.  People who watch Bell and the CRTC, however, know that this is not the case.
For those who haven’t read or heard … Continue reading

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CRTC : Usage Based Billing : Screw you!

It’s finally making some news that major Internet Service providers (read Bell Canada and Rogers) in Canada are out to screw the consumer with new usage based billing.
I have no problem with usage based billing per se.  The internet has … Continue reading

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Canada Post: Lack of Tracking Embarrasing

I like new toys.  Who doesn’t.  Most courier services offer online tracking to reduce the load on their call centers, but it also adds value.  I might not call several times a day to watch the progress of my new … Continue reading

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