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Metablog ‘ing on Google Things

I’m not sure how I’m going to drive traffic to my blog with this post, but I’m recording here some thoughts about the traffic I see coming to my blog and some of the analysis that Google gives me.  I’m … Continue reading

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Add the Ads.

There.  That’s that box checked.  There be ads!  My google adsense account was approved today and I managed to insert some ads in the widget area (that’s what wordpress calls the bits on the right of the page).  Interestingly, it … Continue reading

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WordPress: easy, Ad plugin: not so easy…

You didn’t expect abject altruism, did you?  Are you surprised that one of the first things I’d be figuring out is how to put ads on my blog?
I’ve been using Google AdWords lately.  They seem to be giving away $100 … Continue reading

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