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Thoughts on Google Ads and My Content

Wow.  Almost the fourth daily post in a row.  I can predict this because I’ve been pre-composing these last few posts and “scheduling” them to be posted at certain dates and times (don’t peek behind the curtain … or at … Continue reading

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Writing to be Read by Google: Selling Out?

I was working on several of my many drafts today and I realized that a significant portion of my time is spent thinking about my audience… and by audience, I don’t mean the nice people who end up reading my … Continue reading

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My first dollar (fifty)

I had a nice Christmas Eve with my parents and one of my sisters at her house.  Nice dinner, nice conversation… all around pleasant.  I was showing off my blog… fishing for complements.  I even broke out Clones (see my … Continue reading

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Add the Ads.

There.  That’s that box checked.  There be ads!  My google adsense account was approved today and I managed to insert some ads in the widget area (that’s what wordpress calls the bits on the right of the page).  Interestingly, it … Continue reading

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