Gilbert’s Laws of the Internet

The Internet is subject to laws just like physical things.  Physical things are subject to laws like Gravity, Newton’s laws of Motion and whatnot.  The big-I Internet, to me, is the sum of the component parts: computers, routers, fiber, copper and people who use it.  The laws of the big-I Internet emerge from the group behavior of all these things.

Obviously this is a living list that will be collected from my blog posts over time.  I have a number of ideas here, but I’ll introduce them before they appear here.

Without further ado:

  1. The internet is for the free exchange of crap.  Anything worth money will either be so choked with spam and scam as to be not worth your time to get from the internet or it will be roughly the same price as in the brick and mortar store you could otherwise find it.
  2. For each and every “it” there exists porn of “it” somewhere on the Internet.
  3. Technology Amplifies Everything.

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