The Gilbert family has long been known for playing with language.  This language play is contagious and generally affects as many “Surrogate Gilberts” that hang around with various family members.  Some have likened this to the Borg (“Resistence Is Futile“) but generally, once assimilated, they only occasionally complain about it.

The Gilbert’s often look at things indirectly and that indirectness is informed by a life time appreciating the CBC, science fiction (notably Star Trek and Doctor Who), the Anglican Church, sailboats and Gilbert & Sullivan.  It is also informed by other pop culture that crosses our path, but this is often “quality” and not “consumer” pop culture.  Our humor is also often introspective as laughing at oneself is “mostly harmless.”

From here, you can find:

  1. GLI: Gilbert’s Laws of the Internet
  2. The Grunt Factor scoring guidlines
  3. Music

One Response to Gilbertisms

  1. DaD says:

    Should “mostly harmless” not be in the form of a link to the Hitchhiker’s Guide?

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