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Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

There certainly might be more important things to blog about, but nothing at the moment seems quite as satisfying as the “Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza” on offer to the citizens of the UK.  I think the picture says it all.  … Continue reading

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IFlop? Bad iPad3 reviews a significant first

I haven’t said much about all things Apple on my blog thus far… and maybe I should have.  The “curated” application experience has many hidden consumer pitfalls including loss of privacy, but loss of control over our own computer devices … Continue reading

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Household Airbags

I remember being a fan of Super Dave Osbourne when I was a kid.  In many ways he filled in the self-inflicted pain humor that Wile E. Coyote did for a generation before.  I recall at one point (and I’m … Continue reading

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The Grunt Factor

There have been several shows that have shaped my idea of the silly and cool things men do, but one of the very best was “Home Improvement” which featured Tim Allen playing Tim (The Toolman) Taylor.  Inside the show, Tim … Continue reading

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Gas Powered Drink Blender

Sometimes a product comes along and you know that they’re just trying to goad someone for publicity’s sake.  In fact, it would appear that these have been banned in California.  The Gas Powered Blender pictured here is powered by a … Continue reading

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NCC-1701 Pizza Wheel

Never write a blog post before it’s time.  Or something like that.  Anyways… I was browsing The Escapist when I came across their posting regarding the Talking Cave Jonson Painting which led me to the list of quotes that the … Continue reading

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Edible Lockout Locks … Environmentally Friendly?

Two LabSafety posts in a row?  I just had to continue here.  We’re going to be talking about green locks that are red.  Really.
According to the description, these lockout locks are green because a) they contain no PVC and b) … Continue reading

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Lockout Elements of a Good Hoodwink

It seems that the core elements of a good scam include items that make you seem very legitimate.  It struck me looking at this product image that Lab Safety is an excellent source of deception material for industrial espionage simply … Continue reading

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LabSafety: for the Zombie Apocalypse

While I ruminate on my Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience, I have some new lab safety products to talk about … handily delivered to my inbox.  I’m thinking of calling my Deus Ex posts something along the lines of “I … Continue reading

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LabSafety: Video Borescope

I had some idea that products like the Extech Video Borescope existed, but as usual, I didn’t know where I might find one until Lab Safety dropped a note in my inbox.  I find their missives helpful because they solve … Continue reading

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