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Factorio Nuclear Reactor Thoughts

Factorio Nuclear Reactors are a new power source in Factorio 0.15.  For those that have played Factorio, late game setups have included either thousands of steam engines or tens of thousands of solar panels.  This ends up taking both significant … Continue reading

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Review: Borderlands 2

When Borderlands was released in 2009, it was a unique new combination of first-person-shooter (FPS) and Role-Playing-Game (RPG).  Its gameplay, while on missions given by “quest givers” in the RPG sense mainly featured shooting as the main interaction with the … Continue reading

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Get Off My Desktop!

I have said several times here that it is important to own your own tech and to be mindful of that ownership.  I have also agreed here with others that the coming battle is over control of your devices: be … Continue reading

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Walking on the Ground: GPU Foolishness an Wookieepedia

I was watching a technology demo for a new graphics card today — not that I can afford a new GPU, but I like to keep up.  We’re quite fortunate right now that the gaming consoles suck — it means … Continue reading

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Massively Multiplayer Thoughts

I played Eve-Online for some considerable time.  What I’ve realized is that online massively multiplayer games seem to share it’s simplistic graphics requirements.  I remember there being (at one point) a big stink about the game finally dropping support for … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3 Review

If you’re looking for the short, spoiler-free shopping recommendation, then Mass Effect 3 (and in fact, the whole Mass Effect series) is an experience that no serious gamer should be without.  In fact, if you’re serious about spoilers, refrain from … Continue reading

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Fallen Earth Review

Gamers First’s Fallen Earth became free-to-play this weekend.  I have enjoyed a number of forays into post-apocalyptic landscapes (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Rage; even Left 4 Dead is, in some respect post-apocalyptic); so I expected to enjoy Fallen Earth.  … Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Some early thoughts

I just went looking for some snapshots from Elder Scrolls — Skyrim to post here.  I looked in my own collection and the I looked online.  There are many shots, but none of them (so far) convey the vastness of … Continue reading

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Review: “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”

In My last Deus Ex post, I talked quite a bit about the player character in the game, but I don’t feel that I gave it the full review treatment.  I’ve played through the game several times on the PC … Continue reading

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Deus Ex: I Am Not Adam Jensen, Either.

I didn’t play video games when Deus Ex (the original) was released.  I have, since then, acquired a copy of the game and played part of it.  To be honest, it’s a bit dated, but still cool.  Considering that it’s … Continue reading

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