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SlowCooker: Pulled Pork: Sauce Made of Sauces.

I was leafing through recipe ideas the other day and came across Pulled Pork for the SlowCooker.  The slowcooker is great for soups and stews and I always enjoy finding another recipe for it.  Pulled pork is traditionally a southern … Continue reading

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Rack of Lamb: Moroccan Spice

A little cooking diversion: A Moroccan Spiced Rack of Lamb.  I have some more stand-mixer baking to do, but my most recent attempt was lack-luster.  More about that when I get it right.  This article is about our new year’s … Continue reading

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Stand-Mixer #2 White Bread

Since the stand-mixer cheese biscuits were such an unqualified success, we managed to pick up some yeast to facilitate some bread making.  First up is some “plain old” white bread.  Besides the fact that I am actually white, ango-saxon and … Continue reading

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Stand-Mixer #1 Cheese Biscuits

I will write a separate article with my thoughts on my Stand-Mixer and Stand-Mixers in general, but right now I’m quite excited to write a few short articles about the wonderful things I’ve made with the Stand-Mixer; the very first … Continue reading

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Bacon Ribbon Campaign: Get the T-Shirt

Bacon is pretty much all-good.  Bacon is “meat candy.”  To promote “Bacon Awareness” our friends over at Cafe Press have created this great T-Shirt.  Show your Bacon Spirit by wearing this T outside the house!
It’s fun, I suppose.  The visual … Continue reading

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Gilbert’s Bacon Log v2.0: The Bacon-Shrimp Log

Since the Christmas Bacon Log was such a success, when my wife was trying to decide what she wanted for her birthday dinner, I suggested a “Bacon-Shrimp” Log.  Christine likes anything with shrimp and the idea of a bacon-shrimp log … Continue reading

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Gilbert’s Bacon Log v1.0

I have to admit that I’m a committed fan of the Republic of Bacon.  Bacon is the ultimate meat candy and I’m dying to try out their recipe for Bacon Cookies, but the subject of this post is the Bacon … Continue reading

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