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Ice Storm Christmas Chez Nous

We were lucky.  We were without power for roughly 6 hours (and asleep for most of it).  Many people here in Ontario (and the North Eastern portion of North America) had a Christmas without power and were without power for … Continue reading

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Captcha, Gotcha?

Blank + five = eleven.  Six, right?  Are any of you real people getting flummoxed by this?  Apparently the SPAMers are.  This site has gone from 5 to 10 SPAM comments per day to less than 2 SPAM comments per … Continue reading

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Reboot an Open Letter to PJ.

The NSA is scary.  I get it.  I have slightly less sympathy for you (a U.S. citizen) as I am not a U.S. citizen — which makes my situation all-the-more precarious, BUT:
GrokLaw is needed now, more than ever.  The war … Continue reading

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Captcha: blank + 15 = 21

I’ve started using a Captcha for the comments.  Over and above the spam protection I’ve been using, I’ve been deleting more than 10 spam posts per day.  This is just a nuisance, but it has become a nuisance that is … Continue reading

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