Back in the (Somewhat Random) Saddle

I have been slacking.  I even have several posts pretty much ready and I’ve been slacking.  To be completely honest with myself, I think my father’s death last year affected my desire to express myself more than I thought.  He and I often had protracted discussions on topics very similar to those I publish on this site.

But I have come to realize that there is worth in this writing.  It’s not just the comments … of which a very few have slowly appeared above the general noise of SPAM.  It’s also not just the readjusting of relationships with my family … who are equally sounding boards for my notions.  It’s worthwhile because I have something to say.

With that, I suppose I introduce the new “season” of Random Scribblings.  I’ve got some thoughts on Television fiction coming up as well as some refined thoughts on Video Games.   My favorite store for Random stuff (Lab Safety) has been bought out — and the new owner (Granger) is boring beyond belief — but maybe I’ll write more about that, too.

Consulting Gilbert’s Law of Opposites, things must have stayed the same since they also seem so completely and utterly different.

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  1. dgilbert says:

    … really? I am such a tease :).

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