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I call HorseHockey!

In the previous article, I called out Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister for being Dickish.  To some, that would be inappropriate, but to a world where most people trust The Comedy Network as their primary source of news, it is … Continue reading

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Mike Duffy: Not the Story I Originally Expected

For most of the Senate scandal story, I have to admit that I was laughing at Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin.  I shouldn’t have been.  I’m savvy enough to know that Harper is a Dick (capital-D Dick), but the spin … Continue reading

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Technical Plot Holes in NBC’s Revolution

I’ve been amused over the last several days by NBC’s Revolution.  The setting is a near future in which electrical power has been shut off for about fifteen years.  More precisely, electronic gadgets of any kind don’t work.  The show … Continue reading

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Open the Floodgates…

Open the floodgates.  Open the blog.  Open the software.  Open the government.

Dramatic words, no?  Meaningless words?  Some would have you believe. Consider “open” for a moment.
Open the Floodgates
At it’s most simple, “open” represents the flow of ideas that is suddenly … Continue reading

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Back in the (Somewhat Random) Saddle

I have been slacking.  I even have several posts pretty much ready and I’ve been slacking.  To be completely honest with myself, I think my father’s death last year affected my desire to express myself more than I thought.  He … Continue reading

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