Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

Hot Dog Stuffed Piz­za

There cer­tain­ly might be more impor­tant things to blog about, but noth­ing at the moment seems quite as sat­is­fy­ing as the “Hot Dog Stuffed Piz­za” on offer to the cit­i­zens of the UK.  I think the pic­ture says it all.  Maybe this would be bet­ter if instead of hot dogs, we had cheese dogs (hot dogs or sausages stuffed with cheese).

Maybe we should invent a “Bacon Stuffed Piz­za” … ?  Make a ring out of a weave of bacon?  I dun­no.  Maybe “Cheese Bacon Dog Stuffed Piz­zas” … ?

I sup­pose we have to be care­ful about esca­la­tion of fat con­tent.  Big­ger might not be bet­ter, but I still think I’d like to try Cheese Bacon Dog Stuffed Piz­za …

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  1. DaD says:

    Heard on CBC radio this after­noon that Piz­za Hut also offers these kin­da piz­zas — inter­view­er and -ee both thought they’d be dis­gust­ing.

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