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Banks, Being Banks, are Wasteful

There’s not much love for banks these days, but they honestly bring it on themselves.  What with the risky lending, the government bailouts and the cushy bonuses paid to fat cat bosses, it would seem that yet another post criticizing … Continue reading

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Fallen Earth Review

Gamers First’s Fallen Earth became free-to-play this weekend.  I have enjoyed a number of forays into post-apocalyptic landscapes (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Rage; even Left 4 Dead is, in some respect post-apocalyptic); so I expected to enjoy Fallen Earth.  … Continue reading

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No Service: You Have Not Waited Long Enough!

It’s easy to rant about banks: they’re easy targets in this day an age.  An old friend of mine told me that banks are organizations that would give you an umbrella on a sunny day and take it away the … Continue reading

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