The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

This is just a quick note to update the Jeep and Taurus “no start” situation.

We started the day focusing on the Taurus situation.  For those that remember, we got the new computer for the Taurus as that was the result of all the pinpoint tests.  Then we discovered that the computer had to be programmed by either the dealer (1 hr labour) or a $1600 (eBay price) machine.  We chose the dealer.  Two tows later, it still wasn’t starting.

Since both the Jeep and the Taurus needed starters … and starters are expensive, I decided to go the junk yard (or auto recycler) route.  I picked up two starters Sunday morning from Standard (a veritable rabbit warren of an operation near Steels and Markham Rd) and my sister Rebecca and I proceeded to attempt the Taurus fix first.

The Taurus Starter repair is a little trickey — there is very little room to move around in there.  It didn’t require removing the intake pleanum, but it still took us quite a bit of time.  After finally installing the new-to-us starter, however, it wasn’t working.  On further examination, it was getting very hot.  Not good.  We’re probably going to have to return that one as a dud. Since Standard charged us a core charge, I had assumed that they were somewhat reconditioned and tested.  I suppose not-so-much.  At least they have a 30 day guarentee.

By the time we finished the Taurus and dinner, we had time to start on the jeep.  It would appear that like the oil pan repair, this will require dropping the exhaust which basically meant we failed for the day.  Dad’s coming down tomorrow … so there is hope that one or other vehicle will be working tomorrow.  Sigh.

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4 Responses to The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

  1. DaD says:

    So now you need to crow about out good day yesterday …

  2. DaD says:

    Make sure you mention the jacking points for the Jeep

  3. DaD says:

    So c’mon! Tell’em about our GOOD day!

  4. Well let us know how you make out. That is tough when two cars are not starting.

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