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Taurus and Jeep “No Start” Round 2

My father and I regrouped the next day (Monday) to try again.  I had pushed the Taurus out onto the driveway the previous day, so the Jeep was still on in the garage — to be tackled first.  Since there … Continue reading

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The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

This is just a quick note to update the Jeep and Taurus “no start” situation.
We started the day focusing on the Taurus situation.  For those that remember, we got the new computer for the Taurus as that was the result … Continue reading

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TF2 Video Review

TF2, for non-gamers, is Team Fortress Two — a highly stylized first-person team-based shooting online game by Valve Software.  TF2 is often held up as a shining example of just how smoothly polished a game experience can be.  This article … Continue reading

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The End of the “PSTN” As We Know It

… and I feel fine?  Doesn’t scan.
I’ve said to my friends that the end of the phone network can be predicted by the things that replace it.  In particular, it’s possible to dial “” from a sufficiently savvy device.  How … Continue reading

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