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BSDCan – A Cool Canadian Conference

I’m blogging today roughly from where that picture was taken. I’m at BSDCan just waiting for a talk to be given by Eric Allman on Sendmail. For those in my readership that don’t know, he wrote sendmail. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Shopping for presents can be hard on a guy.  Doubly so when you don’t know what someone wants.  Luckily, for Mother’s day, I have some simple and grand choices; one of which is a tree for the Gilbert Family Orchard.  … Continue reading

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LabSafety: Flammable Cabinets

I was wondering what I was going to post today when a friendly email arrived from one of our perennial favorites: LabSafety.  In this case, the humor is not in the product itself by in its name: the Eagle “Flammable … Continue reading

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My Raspberry is “Bushing”

I cut the lawn for the first time (this year) today.  Most years, it’s just been a chore, but this year it was the first time I got a closeup look at what the raspberry plant is doing.
Two years ago, … Continue reading

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Parking Meter Fail

It’s funny how and why things fail.  I suppose this is the start of a new series (really… I don’t have more series than posts, really…).  In this case, we have a parking meter fail.  Why?  Because it said so.
This … Continue reading

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Canadians: Go Vote.

This is a simple, short post.
If you’re a Canadian: Go Vote!
Simply put, thousands have died this year for the right to vote.  It’s true that major parties practice the politics of division and destruction.  I’ve posted my opinions on this.  … Continue reading

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