Canada Post: Lack of Tracking Embarrasing

I like new toys.  Who doesn’t.  Most courier services offer online tracking to reduce the load on their call centers, but it also adds value.  I might not call several times a day to watch the progress of my new toy, but I certainly keep a tab open on my web browser for that purpose…

But today I noticed something on Canada Post’s tracking page:

Please note that this is the most up-to-date information available in our system. Our telephone agents have access to the same information presented here.

It’s not that this information is a surprise.  While at some level, I hope the organization has a slightly better idea of the location of its packages than is displayed on its website, it’s also fairly plain that anything you let your outsourced callcenter look at is easily enough put on the web.

So… what’s the deal?  My read of this paragraph is that so many people think that the website must be wrong — because there’s so little tracking information — that they call the call center and cause extra load and cost to Canada Post … enough so that they feel that they need to say this on their tracking page.  Wow.

It is bad.  The tracking site seems to display when someone paid for their postage (the package ID is in the system) and then often there are no updates until after it is delivered.  My last package was stuffed into my mailbox for most of a day before any change in its status on the online tracking system.  If you know supermailboxes, the whole front opens for the post guy to insert mail… then each individual door opens for the mailbox owner.  The problem is that the package was exactly the size of the slot — which is a few millimeters larger than the individual door.  I had to cut the package out of the box with my Swiss Army Cyberknife.  Don’t leave home (even for a minute) without it (even to get the mail).

I suppose it’s bad enough that Canada Post no longer delivers to your door, but the supermailboxes are an embarrassing travesty.  All the other courier services deliver to my door.  All the other courier services do tracking right.  I suppose the point is: they’re all more expensive.

When I bought a cisco switch on eBay and had it shipped to Amsterdam, I was able to see many of the steps it took.  Looks like a lot of air freight is going through Dubai these days.  Maybe this has something to do with the recent spat between the UAE and Canada.

One reason for the modern tracking systems is to assure customers that their packages are safe and properly cared for.  Another reason is that the technology that enables them is inexpensive and getting cheaper by the minute.  Yet another reason is that the same technology helps monitor your employees — that they are using their time effectively.  Hrm.  Is this a union thing, Canada Post?

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14 Responses to Canada Post: Lack of Tracking Embarrasing

  1. Greg says:

    My experience with Canada Post is similar to yours. The tracking information is virtually useless with the exception that it allows you to realize that your package has been “delivered” to the wrong addess. I live in an apartment building in Burlington (that has mailslots in our individual apartment doors which the mail carrier uses to deliver mail directly into our residences) and the Canada Post employee enters the building and leaves the resident’s packages in the public lobby instead of putting them outside the individual apartment doors. I have spoken with many fellow residents that have not received their packages either because they have gone to the wrong address or have been stolen from the lobby.

    I have lost my confidence in the ability of Canada Post to do its job with integrity and dilligence. Honestly, due to my negative experiences with Canada Post, I never send packages through them because I do not trust that they will arrive at the intended recipient. It is very sad but absolutely true and I wish that there was a solution to the problem. Depressingly, I sincerely doubt that Canada Post cares enough about Canadians to try to do a better job.

  2. Mitch says:

    Bought an item on ebay from a quality company located in New York. Parcel is shipped USPS PRIORITY International (6 to 10 day service). On the USPS site see the package scanned on a Tuesday evening, scanned several times as it goes in and out of ISC at JFK airport on the Wednesday and then a final scan at JFK at 9:57 am Wednesday as the flight departs for Montreal Canada. Same scanning information is transferred to Canada Post from USPS and now shows on Canada Post’s tracking website.
    Now, this is where it gets interesting. Now Thursday and no new information on the Canada Post tracking website. When I call CP customer service I’m first told the item is standard international parcel is being shipped by surface so that is why there are no new scans in Canada yet and if I have any further questions contact USPS.
    Since 911 agencies in the US share information. Calling USPS and speaking with a supervisor I got the exact flight number, manifest number and skid number and advised that the parcel was sitting in a warehouse at Pierre Trudeau Airport in Dorval Quebec and had been there since 1:02 pm of Wednesday.
    Called back to CP customer service and asked for supervisor. On hold for 15 minutes before I get one. Only thing he will do is confirm that the parcel is on the ground in Dorval Quebec but that is all he can tell me and that it will take up to 24 hours to refresh on the Canada Post website.
    As a Canadian citizen, I am surprised that USPS was more than willing to provide me information about my parcel, yet Canada Post was very tight lipped. Contacted Canada Customs and they would at least tell me (after explaining in detail my circumstances and that I had information from the US Feds) that the documentation was in order and that it had cleared and waiting for Canada Post to pick it up at their warehouse.
    With all the technology we have in Canada, maybe Harper and the boys should be looking at purchasing RIM so they can use Blackberries to provide better tracking???
    I am totally appauled at Canada Post. And to add to my frustration, I received an expedited parcel today from Oakville that did not show up in the Canada Post tracking website UNTIL SIX HOURS AFTER I RECEIVED THE PACKAGE!
    This definitely gives new meaning to OH CANADA……

  3. Lorraine Boileau says:

    I have no clue what Canada Post is doing with the money they make.I sent out three items to deliver across Canada,only one made it.One is missing completely,the other I had to pay them just to get it back.
    I can say only one thing,I’ll never use Canada Post again,I’ll pay more anywhere else just so that I have the peace of mind knowing that it get’s to where it should.
    By the way,even with insurance I doubt I’ll ever see my money back.
    Merry bleeping Christmas Canada Post!

  4. jim akins says:

    I sent a letter to uk on 3rd jan,it reached their borders on 5th,according to canada post tracking, and showing on the tracking chart is still sitting in transit,i contacted the royal mail and asked why is still sitting there,it is now jan 17th,they inform me they can only let me know the letter has reached it’s final destination when it is signed for.
    They tell me if it is not delivered 20 days after reaching their borders they will put out a search,canada post tell me if it is not delivered i month from the 3rd jan they will put out a search.
    Once the letter reaches a foreign border it cannot be tracked by canada post tracking,they say this is a violation of the other country.
    So we have to hope and pray that the letter gets there.
    why are we not allowed to see where our mail is going,? if it goes missing in the other country at least we know when and where it went missing, and who is responsable.

  5. Kim says:

    My mom has always used Canada Post to ship packages to my sister in Ontario, and she loves it. My sister tracks it, and it always comes on the day it says. They delver to her door, and she signs for it, but if no one is home, they take it to the nearest post office. I am using Canada Post for the first time. Ordered off of WWE Shop. FedEx is what they use. They then ship it to Canada Post I guess, but I could not track it with FedEx. Been tracking my package with Canada Post, and it shows that it arrived, I assume at the airport on the 30th, and that it should be at my post office on the 31st. Well it never changes. I know it arrived at the airport, I want to know where it is, like did it go to a sorting facility, then will be taken to my post office with other packages going there to, or is it just sitting somewhere.

  6. Nathan says:

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  7. Pat says:

    sent a letter from BC to Alberta a month ago. no tracking number so no help. Anyone see a letter carrier walking that way?

  8. Michael saunders says:

    Michael Saunders
    509-1011 Concordia Ave.,
    Winnipeg, Mb., Canada:
    To any company shipping Items To Canada:
    When shipping any item of value to Canada be very leery of utilizing any format that uses Canada Post as a carrier. (USA POST SHIPS THEIR ITEMS INTO CANADA UTILIZING CANADA POST TO DELIVER SUCH).
    Over the past year I have had three different deliveries coming through Canada Post mysteriously disappear….The latest, which Canada Post claims was delivered, was done so when no one was at our residence to receive it (we had left our residence at 13:00 hrs. so to be at a doctor’s appointment at 14:00hrs…a 25 to 30 minute drive from my residence…. which I arrived at 13:35 hrs.) yet they incest that the package was delivered to our apartment at 13:30 hrs on the day in question……
    I had ordered a Tablet from a supplier in the USA….a gift for my Grand Son. Living on a meager pension I had to save for four months to be able to get this item and when it didn’t arrive I had nothing to present to him for his birthday. I ended up spending my grocery monies so/as to get him a gift for his birthday (I couldn’t afford to purchase a tablet) but I could see the disappointment on his face when he didn’t get what I had promised him.
    When I contacted Canada Post I received nothing but a complete run around. They insisted that their driver had delivered the package to my apartment at 13:30 hours and that it had been properly received. They told me to check with my landlady to see if she had received the package and failing that to check with the other people on my floor.
    I checked with our landlady and she stated that no one from Canada Post had come to her office at the time (Re: 13:30 hrs) that Canada Post had supposable delivered the parcel) nor had she seen anyone from Canada Post go up in the elevators which are in plain view of her office.
    I checked with our neighbor’s living on the same floor and they did not seen anyone that didn’t belong on the floor anywhere near our apartment…..(Our neighbors are extreme busy bodies and don’t miss anything that transpires on our floor)…..yet Canada Post insists that they had come to our door and had delivered the package to our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess that someone had broken into our apartment just after we had left for the doctor’s office and had received the package from Canada Post then had left locking the door behind them all without alerting our vigilant neighbors nor disturbing anything in the apartment……..
    By the way if you think that this transpired then I have a nice piece of property for sale in Florida…..running water and nice pets and I will deliver the paperwork van Communist Post….that way you will be assured of receiving it!!!!!!!!!!!

    And this is one of three packages that had mysteriously vanished!!!!!!
    One, a blueberry rake ordered from Bangor Maine….something that is not available in this part of Canada…. went missing when Canada Post had stated that they had delivered it to out apartment. In Aug. I was out at Sandy Lands (A local wilderness area noted for wild blueberries) where I was picking wild blueberries. At one patch I noticed a person using a blueberry rake of the type that is used to harvest blueberries in Maine (something that is extremely rare in Manitoba). When I complemented her on such and asked her where she had gotten the blueberry rake she stated that it was a gift from her husband. I then asked her where her husband worked……she stated CANADA POST!!!!!!!! I can only guess where my blueberry rake ended up!!!!!!!
    Even though I cannot prove that Employees of Canada Post are doing anything illegal (and have been informed by their UNION REP that I will be charged with slander if I even mention them in any investigation)…..and the fact that I, without catching them red handed, cannot prove any of these allegations……I can only surmise what has transpired. All I know is that I have never had any item not arrive which was shipped by a courier…..but with Canada Post……..three that I know of in one year out of seven deliveries being made!!!!!!
    So, in closing, when you have to ship anything of value to Canada try and utilize a shipping method that accurately traces each and every package and insists that all items are signed for with proof of residency before they are released!!!!!!!!
    Something that Communist Post Does Not Do Unless You Insure The Items In QUESTION and demand that the delivery is verified!!!!!!!!!! Using this method you just might receive the items that are shipped to you!!!!! Otherwise kiss it goodby!!!!!

  9. subhash Juneja says:

    I sent one package to India 28 days ago. I paid 104 dollars for 1kg package. They said that it will reach in 2 wks. Tracking system on Canada Post says “it is in transit”. I went to Canada Post post office, they gave me a telephone number 1-800-267-1177. I called the number, it says the same thing what was on site that it is in transit. Than the message came press zero to talk to someone and I pressed zero and kept holding phone for 2 hours, No body talked to me, a filthy music was on,

    I can imagine the worst service I have ever seen. Be aware of this if you want to ship package overseas, at least.

    • dgilbert says:

      Filthy music? Pray tell…

      I think in the last sentence there, you’d like to say that you can’t imagine worse service or they met your worst expectations. “I can imagine the worst service (that) I have ever seen” (filling in the implied word) … doesn’t really say anything other than you have a good imagination.

  10. shoplover says:

    Canada Post official website may break down sometimes, so you can switch to other parcel tracking site like TrackingMore. For Canada Post tracking page, it goes to:

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