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Walternate is not Evil

For those of you unfamiliar with the show Fringe, this post will make little sense. Fringe really isn’t a show that lends itself to explanation.  In fact, in part, we’re picking apart the rather simplistic explanation of some of the … Continue reading

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HowTo: n900 Browser: Selecting Text

The multi-button mouse and keyboard combination has become so ubiquitous that sometimes we can’t imagine how to accomplish something on a similar but different interface.  Selecting text in the n900 browser was one such problem for me.  It’s not that … Continue reading

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Asterisk Voicemail: Obstreperous.

It’s difficult to start my first post regarding Asterisk.  I have so many opinions and examples in my Asterisk file.  I suppose I can start by saying that Asterisk is the worst — that is most poorly designed and implemented … Continue reading

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The Rise of Tablet Computing… Finally

What is it that has finally caused the rise of the tablet computing device?  Is it really the church of Jobs?
It’s not like this hasn’t been tried a dozen times.  The first widespread example in popular culture was the big … Continue reading

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3D Movies: The Latest Ripoff at the Box Office

I saw “Green Hornet” tonight at the theater.  I don’t have a lot to say.  If you like Seth Rogan, you’ll likely like the movie.  It’s not a bad movie, but neither is it a good one.  It was entertaining … Continue reading

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Gilbert’s Bacon Log v2.0: The Bacon-Shrimp Log

Since the Christmas Bacon Log was such a success, when my wife was trying to decide what she wanted for her birthday dinner, I suggested a “Bacon-Shrimp” Log.  Christine likes anything with shrimp and the idea of a bacon-shrimp log … Continue reading

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On Outsourcing Your Life: Who Owns Your Data?

I own my blog.  I own my family snapshots.  I own my website.  I don’t outsource any of these things.  Some of them even run from a web server in my own house because I don’t use a mass market … Continue reading

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Error! Printer’s Broke: Must be the Internet!

My printer is broken!  It must be the Internet! Call them quick!
I’ve owned ISPs.  I’ve worked at ISPs.  I’ve consulted for ISPs.  I’ve consulted for people who are unhappy with their ISP. I’m going to make a statement:

The computer is … Continue reading

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My N900 Continues to Amuse and Amaze (Me)

Apologies in advance if this post rambles somewhat; the subject matter is also somewhat vague.  My phone, the n900 from Nokia is hard to pigeon hole.  The operating system (Maemo) is shared by Nokia’s other tablet computers.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Review: Evil Genius

Do you ever cheer for the villain? Does the bad guy deserve to win sometimes?  Did you ever want to be the villain … spreading mischief and evil to the chagrin of the do-good heroes?  Elixir Studio’s Evil Genius does … Continue reading

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